Monday, 31 May 2010

My latest exhibition Journeys into the Disregarded is now open! It runs from 29th May - 3rd July (open Monday-Saturday, 10am-6pm, and probably a few other times too!). You will find it in the Coventry Centre for Contemporary Art outside the front of Warwick Arts Centre. The CCCA is one of three Bob & Roberta Smith sheds to come from the Mead Gallery in January 2009.

The exhibition highlights the beauty found in the ordinariness of life. As you can tell from the title this follows closely on from my work around Beauty in the Disregarded.

I invited artists to go on a journey from the University of Warwick campus and asked them to capture details of the everyday which would normally go unnoticed and that are captivating in some way. I got the artists to document these findings through photography, found objects and haiku writing. In this collaborative project I took the materials they brought me and created new works from them. Now I am inviting members of the public to make journeys too - to share their findings and to bring an element of evolution to the show.

Journeys into the Disregarded is run in conjuntion with the Mead gallery at Warwick Arts Centre.