Monday, 22 August 2011

The Beauty and the Beach exhibition is now over, the CCCA is safely packed away, and all that's left is some traces of sand in a car park in Meriden and many fond memories.

Thanks to everyone who made this show possible - particularly to the people who helped me set up and take down the shed (Susan, Tom A, Nick, Joey, Steve K, Matt W, Helen B, Jon, Nathan, Mark W, Tom B, Chris R, Josh S who aided me in moments of need!). Thanks to everyone who brought in beach items to share, and of course to all who came to visit (some multiple times!). Final appreciation goes out to the people of Meriden and to the Bull's Head pub staff.

Here's a picture of the wall with the public donations on - not everyone will have got to see this as it was finished in the last few days.

And here's a detail shot - a sea worn piece of pottery brought in by The Stephensons:

Wednesday, 17 August 2011


3 days left! Come and visit Meriden's premier art attraction set within a shed (!). Time has zoomed by and there are only a few more opportunities to see the exhibition for yourself. See the marvelous mannequin head, the excellent expanding foam can, the stupendous 'sand' pistol, the fantastic fish nail and thread made from old fisherman's rope... and many many more brilliant beach found objects, hybrids and displays.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Precious 'Stone'

This appeared to be the most incredible gem stone, glistening amongst the rocks. Had I stumbled upon a hundred thousand pound jewel, a rare and sought after rock, a piece of Kryptonite perhaps? Only when I picked it up did it become obvious what this actually was - a sea worn and perished bouncy ball. Although it was of no monetary value it was a beautiful sight to behold.

Beachy Head

My parents and parents-in-law were out walking in Rest Bay, South Wales. My parents' dog had discovered something and was digging and barking at something on the shoreline. As my mother-in-law approached she could see a face peering up from the sand. It must have been quite a worrying moment. However, this turned out not to be a scene from Jaws but a washed up mannequin’s head, all its hair long gone and a smooth shaven looking scalp in its place. The head was kept and given to me as a Christmas present later in the year - perhaps one of the very best I've ever been given!
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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Anemone anomalies

I gain a certain pleasure in finding man made objects that appear to be organic, particularly when they are suited to their environment, as with these three images. The pink squidgy thing found floating in a rock pool looked like some forlorn sea creature which hadn't quite made it back to sea. I had to touch it before I could be sure that it wasn't in fact a jellyfish or something. The rubbery / plastic tentacles of each item are reminiscent of sea anemones.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Where there's a beach there's always water...

Torrential rain was almost calamitous yesterday when I was close to being stranded in the CCCA. I watched as the rain waters came lapping at the entrance of the shed. I hadn't really thought about the problem of locking up and getting out while taking shelter from an unbelievable downpour. Anyway I cunningly used my chair as a bridge over the swirling flood waters gathering in this particular corner of the car park to make my escape.