Monday, 22 August 2011

The Beauty and the Beach exhibition is now over, the CCCA is safely packed away, and all that's left is some traces of sand in a car park in Meriden and many fond memories.

Thanks to everyone who made this show possible - particularly to the people who helped me set up and take down the shed (Susan, Tom A, Nick, Joey, Steve K, Matt W, Helen B, Jon, Nathan, Mark W, Tom B, Chris R, Josh S who aided me in moments of need!). Thanks to everyone who brought in beach items to share, and of course to all who came to visit (some multiple times!). Final appreciation goes out to the people of Meriden and to the Bull's Head pub staff.

Here's a picture of the wall with the public donations on - not everyone will have got to see this as it was finished in the last few days.

And here's a detail shot - a sea worn piece of pottery brought in by The Stephensons:

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