Sunday, 27 June 2010

The Final Countdown

Time seems to have flown by and the final week is already here. A number of people have been in to make journeys and I am currently working on some new pieces to ready them for the Closing Party on Thursday. So far I have added journeys from The Whelans, The Vaughans, The Andrews, Paul Whiteside, Nicholas Tipple & Bethan Ellis. There are another seven or so to complete.

It's been great getting more and more people involved. Here's a few of the excellent photos that have been chosen for exhibition.

from the Journey of Stallard-Powell-Carrigan:

from the journey of Rachel Chen:

from the journey of the Andrews:

...and here's one I couldn't quite fit in from the journey of Nicholas Tipple and Bethan Ellis:

Friday, 18 June 2010

extras series 2

A little treat for me left outside the CCCA (maybe deliberately) on the workmen's fencing currently opposite the front doors ...


Light streaming through the CCCA's corrugated roof and making shadows on the floor.

new journeys

2 of the new works from the journeys of the Whelan family and the Vaughans are now up. These have been added to the map of everyone's journeys too (see detail below). A number more works are in process of being made, and one waiting in the wings to be added.

Please bear in mind, if you would like to submit your journey and findings for the exhibition, to get this done by Saturday 26th. This will hopefully give me time to create the selected works for the closing party on Thursday 1st July. (The actual final day of the exhibition is 3rd July).

Saturday, 12 June 2010

new work in the pipeline!

Also just to say, I'm excited to announce four new journeys have been made in the last week. I will be making new pieces of work to be added to the show in the coming few days, so the start of the evolutionary aspect to the exhibition is about to begin. I will keep you updated with further progress.

Haikus For Yous

Thought I'd also offer up a handful of haikus which again didn't quite fit within the exhibition but that would be a shame for no eyes to ever see...

George Ttoouli:

not corners, windows
junctures to elsewhere like wood
means different sites

Martin Green:

Canley Brook (2)

Rope swing snaps above
clear treated water, discharged
through city pockets.

Sue Hull:

a happy shelter
its perfect plastic colours
melt into the cold

Helen Brown:

Rooting around wood
Length of lead piping protrudes
No body though. Good!

Monday, 7 June 2010

not disregarding the discarded

I wanted to include some photos that didn't quite make it into the exhibition but which I still really like. It is of course part of the process to edit down the findings that people bring in to me, and inevitably some great items, photos or haikus are omitted. This blog is a nice opportunity to share some of them - so that even the (temporarily) discarded are not actually disregarded!

from George Ttoouli's journey:

from Susan Hull's journey:

from Stuart & Ana Tait's journey:

from my own journey (a feather stuck in a tree):

my name in lights (and shadows)

Friday, 4 June 2010

2 early visitors to the show...

Thursday, 3 June 2010


Well, the CCCA has been up and running for almost a week already, but I thought I'd fill you in on the fun I had setting up...

One of the main problems was the state of the shed itself. It had been stored in flat pack form in my garden for the last 10 months (let's be clear it was so big that it was the garden). It was kept under 2 bits of tarpaulin, and numerous roofing sections. Yet somehow, as water often will, rain had got in and messed things up a little. There was mould, there were mushrooms, there were black spores of death. It wasn't pretty. So even after getting the construction work done we had a lot of extra work to do (as these photos will bare testament).

Although it was disappointing to find the shed in this state, it added meaning to the concept of it being a home to disregarded things - itself being unattractive and seemingly beyond use. With some care and attention (and a little help from some friends) we restored the shed to its former glory!