Thursday, 3 June 2010


Well, the CCCA has been up and running for almost a week already, but I thought I'd fill you in on the fun I had setting up...

One of the main problems was the state of the shed itself. It had been stored in flat pack form in my garden for the last 10 months (let's be clear it was so big that it was the garden). It was kept under 2 bits of tarpaulin, and numerous roofing sections. Yet somehow, as water often will, rain had got in and messed things up a little. There was mould, there were mushrooms, there were black spores of death. It wasn't pretty. So even after getting the construction work done we had a lot of extra work to do (as these photos will bare testament).

Although it was disappointing to find the shed in this state, it added meaning to the concept of it being a home to disregarded things - itself being unattractive and seemingly beyond use. With some care and attention (and a little help from some friends) we restored the shed to its former glory!

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