Tuesday, 11 October 2011

20 selected haiku

Judged by George Ttoouli and myself on Monday 10th October 2011, here are the 20 selected poems which will go into the postcard book:

Is Andrews

My child's careful sketch:

Me, with green felt tip pen hair

And "Mumy is kcinde"

Lyndi Smith

Love economy .

Lonely dawnlight turning off

The electric nights.


As my life drags on

colourful leaves pass by me

then I realise...


the wind and the rain

the pounding of the same beat

the finish, silence


stuck in the darkness

where there's no light to be found

so pull up your blinds

Julie Boden

Empty plastic cup

clip-clopping Coventry streets...

we dream of horses.

Kelly Barnacle

magnesium sun

a silhouetted steeple

whitewashed wall of sky

Laura Elliot

seven days of sun

surprise light crept low and warm

paves the winter's way

Joel Silber

encountering fire

invigorating Bonnets

sinus clearing sauce!

Angie Coles

Crumbs on the plum rug

Cup of tea spilled on the side


Mary Courtney


Daisies are dancing

Their arms of light expanding;

The icing on the hill.

Debs Ridgewell

No good at poems

writing haiku for a friend

Thats what I call love

the Friesen children:

A small shiny stone

sitting in a slow river.

Bubble bubble plop!

Susan Camps

Shop girl looks sullen

granny asks her about strawbs

turns out they're both sweet

Liz Hall

Spilt, oil on the road,

Split, seven rainbow colours,

The promise is true.

Louise van der Linden

sweet summer flower

how to capture sunny days?

bake it in a cake

Beth Rutland

Bitter, cloudy night

Hearsall Common with friends whilst

Shooting stars fly by

Helen Brown

In my window bobs

a hawthorn tree, red berries

call hungry blackbirds

Steve Urbanski

The city darkens

The voices of the pigeons

are faintly lighter

Hilkka Armston

Such a rainy day.

Bare branches up to the sky

Are covered in pearls

Thanks to everyone who participated and submitted haiku for the project!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Final haiku written for the week's project

Haiku for 9/10/11

Haiku are now collated.
Found collective voice.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Today's humble haiku offerings (7/10/11)

My haiku for the day:

Moon's glow / Lowered blind,
Forms rectangular outline.
Blind but now I see.

Baby strains for a poo,
Gesticulating with arms,
Like a conductor.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Today's Haiku (Today) (6/10/11)

"I can't write haiku".
But as it turned out he could
send rockets to space.

Taking time to talk
And listen to others' tales;
People are the gold.

Yesterday's haiku today (from 5/10/11)

A duo of late night haiku...

Glowing L.E.Ds
light the dark room like night stars
(if stars came in red)

Silhouettes of trees
against light polluted skies
gesture me to bed

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Today's Haiku (4/10/11)

Here's today's:

Resplendent vista,
through open bathroom window;
no words can describe.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Today's Haiku (3/10/11)

Here is today's haiku:

Leaf shaped like a mouse
Scuttles in the road ahead.
Cat takes interest

Beauty in the Everyday - Coventry Haiku Project

My latest project is on the theme Beauty in the Everyday (running between 3-9 October 2011). I'm trying to get as many people in Coventry as possible to write Haiku (3 line poems originating from Japan and written in a 5,7,5 syllable format). Haiku usually capture an observation, a thought, a moment, and in the final line present a twist or slight change of perspective from the first lines.

My aim is to amass enough haiku to create a snapshot of Coventry life and lives in a regular week - all picking out moments of beauty, joy, hope. Anyone is invited to participate from novices to expert writers.

Please check out my facebook page. All the haiku will be posted on here:

Selected poems will also feature on the Big Screen in Millenium Place, Coventry, and 20 chosen to feature in a published book of postcards later in the year. The project is supported by Coventry City Council's Small Arts Grant.