Friday, 2 July 2010

Giant Haiku King Master

As a treat for those present at the closing party I read a poem I'd written using lines from many of the haikus that people had submitted. I was asked to put it on the blog so here it is...

Time to walk slowly -
noticing the overlooked
through the viewfinder.

Lower head to find
debris of the everyday:
hot, dry and brittle
sweets, drinks, chips and fags,
next to horse chestnut blossoms,
industrial gloves
oak, dark rope, railway sleepers
punctures and bunkers.

Things in pairs by chance, design?

Things that we ignore, but the
buds grow from dead wood;
laundry steam rises;
a river of yellow blooms,
colour ablaze in the sun.
Rope swing snaps above
Upturned trampolines -
loose, sagging, softened by rain;
a happy shelter,

Nothing’s left alone:
broken umbrella,
a bed in a bag,
a well earned Snickers,
blue carrier bag
(its perfect plastic colours
nestling in a tree).

Walking with people
we saw some blue things
blown in cold spirals
on a hillside run.
Town’s blind gaze awakening.

Time is dissected
through city pockets

Kneeling to take a photo,
my camera as my scalpel,
man thinks I’m praying…
Eyes see more, I see.

Still lake, shade silent
Sky above is left.

Passing through the boundary
barred by railway tracks,
meandering unnoticed,
walking on nettles,
in a tree among brambles,
Bard imagines path:
lost, but traces found.

Charred pallet left behind now.
I am off the map:
a path to nowhere,
but the universe.

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