Friday, 15 July 2011

Pro-Found Objects

I made one final trek down to the beach last weekend before the exhibition. It was worth it as I think I got there before all the scout groups arrived for their annual summer clean up. I managed to pick up a couple of bag-fulls of objects - much more than usual. There's a strange mix of emotions because I enjoy finding stuff on the beach but at the same time when there's so much debris and detritus you realise just how bad we are at keeping the place tidy.

I love the colours of objects I find, particularly against the natural colours of the pebbles or sand. I like the way objects get worn down and 'tumbled' by the waves over days, months, maybe years. Often you can see where barnacles or other organisms have started to grow on their surface as nature tries to envelop them. I wonder where they've come from and how they got there. Fragments of things that have become something wholly other from what they once were now emerge as shapes and forms in their own right, like sculptural forms or ready-made art works.

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