Thursday, 8 August 2013

Below are the commissioned works made for the Charity Shop Tour Shop exhibition. It was a pleasure to work with these artists and I couldn't be happier with the resulting pieces.
Dave Gray's 'The Iron Gundam' (2013) (an acrylic painting onto a found charity shop painting by J. Hughes and re-signed).

 “When the light's green, the trap is clean” and High Voltage Laser Ecto Protective Containment Unit (2013) - Ben Rowe's duo of superbly crafted MDF works inspired by Ghostbusters traps bought on the Tour.

Jamie Randall's beautifully playful jigsaw pieces (Untitled, 2013) made to fit the Charity Shop Tour bought Boat Puzzle with Missing Piece - bringing completeness and five new narratives to the original item.

 Jamie Randall's radiant stained glass light piece Red Eyed Lion (2013).


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