Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Same sock different day

Perhaps a rather sad tale of a lost sock. The first photo taken on 23rd Sept 2014, the second taken one month later on 22nd October 2014. I guess it's quite unusual to see a found object in the same place over a period of time. I would of course usually pick up something that I liked, and if I didn't perhaps someone else would - most likely the litter picker. I don't normally collect socks or clothing so I left this object, but liked it enough to take the photo. It's on the part of a pavement where cars will often park up and so probably it has escaped the litter picker's eyes as well as the child / parent who dropped it.  What I find interesting is the way the sock has almost become part of the environment in which it sits. It has become one with the pavement (as much as it can). Small stones have imbedded themselves in it as if welcoming it in. The dirt has now camouflaged the sock with the colours of the ground. I wonder how long it will remain.

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