Wednesday, 10 February 2016

A gallery in a garage

Gallage is the meeting of concepts:

Garage / Gallery

Crafter / Artist
Utilitarian / Aesthetic
Disregarded / Beauty

A gallery inside a garage. It was a simple answer to a problem. 

After I had parted ways with Bob and Roberta Smith’s Coventry Centre for Contemporary Art I needed a new place to exhibit. So it was interesting that when the ‘shed’ left my garage (where it had resided for the majority of time since moving into my house) suddenly a new space opened up - a white (ish) cube with a few extra cobwebs and some old rotting carpets on the floor.

I have used the garage as a starting point to guide the sort of work I've chosen to exhibit. The garage is a place where tinkerings take place and where everything that won't fit anywhere else resides. 
I've tried to encorporate as much of the original unique character of my specific garage as possible. There are traces of its life and those who lived here – remnants of old carpets, labelling, shelving. At the same time I have sought to balance this with the presentation of my exhibition as a genuine gallery space. 

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